Trees of Righteousness Audiobook Part1

Trees of Righteousness Audiobook Part1

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This book is very controversial. It is the answer to the modern day school shootings as the new norms. Terrorist attacks on a regular, superstorms, volcanoes, earthquakes and the like.

God said do not touch the apple of his eye, for this, he is coming in wrath. 

Our heavenly father is visiting the earth just as he promised before he brings Jacob/Israel out of 400 years of captivity, Gen. 15:13-14/Acts 7:6-7. 

I am bringing a charge of identity theft to those that call themselves Jews and are not (Rev. 2:9/Rev. 3:9):  and theft of a nation by the Gentiles that participated in the transatlantic slavery by profit or trade. It offers proof that the people of the African diaspora are the descendants of the Children of Israel. 

We are fulfilling the end-time prophecy of the wealth transfer. We will come out with substance!