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Who I Am

I am Sharon Davis Green; my spiritual name is Empress Em Sharon Yisrael.  The meaning of my name is this; Empress because he has called me to subdue nations, Em for he has called me to be a mother to Israel and a prophetess that teach our lost history, Sharon, a fertile plain that nourishes and promotes growth, and Yisrael for Israel/Judah, the 12 tribes.

I am a warrior queen!

I have been awakened to the fact that we are descendants of the Children Israel, the Jews here in America.  Our history was stolen, and we were disconnected from our identity according to Psalms 83.

He has made me a Seer.  I can now discern how all of this happened to us and why, as well as what will happen to us next and where we are going as the twelve tribes of Israel.  

Daddy God, Yahweh Sabaoth, The Holy One of Israel has given me a message for true Israel who are slave descendants and descendants of the Children of Israel.  He scattered us to the four corners of the earth.

He told me as far as I can see I can have.  I can see this message being distributed in the form of the book he has given me name, “Trees of Righteousness,” handmade jewelry that I create, music that I sing, spoken word I perform, a movie, videos, and a free self-identity e-course.

Wake up Israel it’s time to go home……. back to Canaan

This is the spiritual awakening

Eze 37…… Valley of the dry bones WAKE UP!

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