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In 1992 I started a business, Daramola Jewelry Designs making jewelry. I took classes to learn how to make fine jewelry working in 22kt gold and sterling silver using precious and semi-precious stones.  I made beaded jewelry as well. I supplied high-end boutiques with my handcrafted items and became a vendor to sell my jewelry at different events. In 1996 I landed a contract with Spiegel/E-Style catalog to produce 144 pairs of earrings.  Spiegel/Essence magazine teamed up together to add an afro-centric flair to their jewelry line. God gave me favor to receive $18 per pair for 144 pairs of earrings that was ordered. Their going rate was $15 per pair, I was elated!
In 2012, God impressed upon my heart to make jewelry out of spiritual warfare weapons found in Eph. 6:10-17 under the Armor of God.  I elected to go with sterling silver women’s tag jewelry like Tiffany’s.  It is a necklace, earrings, and bracelet set with a round tag and a bible/sword on it.  For the men, I designed sterling silver cufflinks/tiepins with the same bible/sword emblem on it.
Making jewelry is my passion, it relaxes me which allows my creative energy to flow into my designs. I love where I am in my life, at peace. I am being introduced to talents I didn’t know I possessed, I stand in awe.   
At present, I create jewelry in all forms of medium reflecting my ethnic flair.



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April 26, 2018

Trees of Righteousness Teaching
Trees of Righteousness book shares insight into the present times we are living in.  This book makes a claim of identity theft of an unsuspecting people, who fell into a 400-year curse because of disobedience. Daddy said he had to spank us for 400 years. We have been tried in the fire and coming out now as pure gold!
The descendants of his children are still in captivity while other people assimilate them as converts.
Now how is it that a convert is an inheritor? He can't call himself Shem...which is who we are!  He can't call himself an Israelite; that is why he says he's an Israeli!
This book is the slave descendant's body of proof that we are the descendants of the Children of Israel. So where is the Jewish people's proof?  They are quick to claim anti-Semitic...please prove that you are even Semitic! I challenge you!
That is Shem's wealth you have fraudulently inherited!
Our wealth must be returned to us. We are the rightful inheritors! I decree and declare it so in Jesus name!

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